"Revolution Televised & Ignored"

These are photographs of the 2021 peaceful protests that were brutally put down by an unjust junta in Myanmar.

Artist Statement:In February 2021, the Myanmar junta again seized power in a coup. Millions of citizens peacefully took to the streets in protest. The largest pro-democracy protests the world has ever seen were televised, and then… and many were slaughtered in cold blood on television. Sadly, all of this was then ignored.

Myanmar has been on my radar for decades, especially after my visit in 2013. I had so much hope as millions were peacefully marching for change. This turned to horror, as many were killed in the streets. I thought the world would pay attention. From 7,500 miles away, I yearned for an opportunity to contribute towards raising greater awareness about the people's torment.

I took these photos from videos posted online, played on a TV, and then reshot with a cell phone. Digital layer upon digital layer causes distortions, color shifts, and intentional moiré patterns. They are a nod to how images are endlessly forwarded and reframed. I chose to print these on a lightweight veil fabric that has a gentle translucence, reminiscent of memories drifting on the breeze. In April 2021, as a means of protest without exposing themselves to the risk of being shot, many placed shoes on the streets, each containing flowers. When I showcase these fabric images, I position shoes beneath them, each adorned with flowers, both as a homage to those protests and as a somber, silent memorial.

Millions pleaded for our attention and our help. Yet, no help was offered. Faced with relentless brutality, people from diverse ethnic, religious, and tribal groups across Myanmar united to establish a National Unity Government, to create a free, democratic, and representative Myanmar. This historic upheaval started peacefully, but to fight back against seemingly unsurmountable odds, many have joined the People's Defense Armed Forces (PDF). Two years after the coup, the junta's atrocities continue. Myanmar is still immersed in a war, and the rest of the world turns a blind eye.

(sample installation with flower shoe protest)
(sample installation with flower shoe protest)

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