"Chaos for Amateurs"

Amateur Fireworks

Artist Statement: Awesome" "Aim higher" "WooHooo" "Not so Close" "Yeah!" "What the hell?"

Everyone's an amateur. Everything's illegal. Everywhere something explodes. Few are sober. No one is safe. We're tightly packed on a beach with the celebration all around.

Several years ago we were just relaxing on our beach chairs watching the sunset, an hour later, ...a rocket whizzed and exploded right over our heads. The beach had been transformed into a makeshift celebration that lasted late into the night. The chaos was dangerous and exciting.

These asymmetrical explosions are a seductive and beautiful ephemeral mix of color, light, and energy. Some of the "exciting ones" are poorly aimed, others explode prematurely, but all illuminate the people and land below.

Of course all of this happens on a beach where fireworks are expressly forbidden and where the law forbids possession and use of anything that explodes or travels more 12 inches into the air. ...and while some celebrate, others dread this event due to fact that it sets wildfires, torments those with PTSD, and traumatizes pets.

This celebration is a mixed bag, but we have been seduced, and we will be back.

Flare Glare
Pretty not Perfect
Light Saber
Shit Bad Aim
Running the Punk
Stump Blossom
Low Blow
Wonder of it all
It's Close