Tom Cramer's Art Car - 2007 Creation

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I Won Art Car !

Jul 23rd, 2007

At Tom Cramer‘s (artist website) impressive 2005 show at the Mark Woolley Gallery, I really wanted to buy one of his works, but unfortunately it was almost completely sold out.

In the 1990's Tom hand-painted over a dozen art cars for friends and the could be seen all over Portland and the Pacific Northwest. OPB's Oregon Art Beat had an episode on Tom where he discussed his Art cars. At 2:52 you can see a short montage of 5 of his cars.

As part of the DeSoto building opening, Portland’s Museum of Contemporary Craft a patron donated a 1977 BMW 320i and Tom donated 2 days his his time and wonderful effort to paint an art car. How cool is that.

This new art car was then raffled off to support the home of the Museum of Contemporary Craft. Below are some photos I took of the work in progress, never knowing my future with the car.

After looking several of the galleries again, I went back to the car.

Taking the above photo, I had a feeling it could actually be my car. Guess what? I won the raffle! AWESOME!!!

When I mentioned this shot to my dad he advised I should obscure the plate. …though it is going to be pretty easy to spot around town. The colors of the car are wonderful. For those who have looked at my art, you can tell I like more subtle colors 🙂

Tom Cramer’s next show is at Laura Russo October 4-27 2007. I’m certainly driving there in my new ride.

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