Press Release: Galerie Maurer solo show Munich Germany February 2008


Gallery Maurer Munich German

Galerie Maurer in Munich Germany presents solo show by Portland Photographer Brad Carlile

Breathtaking in their totality and vibrant colors, Brad Carlile's series "Passage Perceptions" explores the realities of impermanence in light, color and the passage of time. In normal still photographs any change is rendered as a blur and detail is lost. This series captures that detail. Stationary objects are captured in their natural color, while active elements become vivid colors.

Cubist's paintings show a single landscape from different perspectives at the same time. Carlile shows a single perspective at different times.

Brad Carlile Gallery Maurer Munich Germany

Wolfgang Maurer of "Galerie Maurer" with 64"x40" Day Amalgam 8 by Brad Carlile

All work is done in camera without digital creation or manipulation. Creating images in camera on film allows Carlile to capture the energy of change while maintaining a grounding in reality.

On a conceptual level, Carlile's work deals with the conflict between our perception of permanence and the reality of impermanence. This series creates another way of thinking about our evolving experience of place. It also questions the seeming rigidity of our perceptions.

Brad Carlile Gallery Maurer Munich Germany

Galerie Maurer will show 18 of Brad Carlile's 30"x40" images and one 40"x64" image in the gallery located in downtown Munich. The images are printed large-scale to enhance the impact of the colors. In addition, the interactions between colors draw one into an intimate distance to explore, impacting the viewer both from across the room, as well as under very close inspection.

OPEN/CLOSE: 1-Feb to 8-Mar 2008
ARTIST RECEPTION: 31-Jan-2008 7pm
LOCATION: Galerie Maurer
Kurf├╝rstenstr. 17
80799 M├╝nchen
Phone: 089 . 2711345
Hours: Tue-Fr 2pm-7pm, Sat 11am-12pm
Free Admission

About Brad Carlile:
Brad Carlile is based in Portland Oregon, Carlile's work has been exhibited internationally, including exhibitions in Austria, Qatar, Germany, and China. National shows in California, New Mexico, New York, Colorado, North Carolina, Oregon, and Washington. Since 2005 he has won 7 fine-art photographic awards including Prix de la Photographie Paris (Px3), International Photography Awards New York and LA (IPA), Alaska Airlines $4000 award, and the People's Choice award at the Pacific Northwest Art Annual.

Galerie Maurer:
Galerie Maurer specializes in contemporary photography and 20th century design objects. Wolfgang Maurer represents contemporary photographers such as Bruce Davidson, Jan Saudek, Thomas Kellner, and Anna Schudel.