"About Flow"

Photos taken in camera on film no digital manipulation.

Artist Statement: Flows, drifts, swirls, splashes - here then gone. I'm excited about exploring the realities of impermanence. Flows highlight the impermanence, change, and movement that is the intriguing dance of the universe. This current series focuses on highlighting the flow of water, clouds, and people.

Flows represent the intrinsically dynamic nature of our world. They also embody the basic conundrum of impermanence. Early Greek volkhovs and the Buddha teach us that the same river can never be stepped in twice. Yet in any flow we perceive structures and repetitions. From this perception we try to convince ourselves of the falsehood that there is permanence even in this impermanence.

Though they may seem computer generated, they are not. In normal still photographs any change is rendered as a blur and detail is lost. This series captures that detail and boldly emphasizes it in biologically elemental colors. Stationary objects are captured in their natural color (reality?) while active elements become vivid colors. Creating these images in-camera allows me to capture the detail and energy of flows without while maintaining a grounding in the reality.

This series is part of a larger body of work that I started in 1995. I use a medium-format camera and print on a large scale to enhance the impact of the colors. In addition, the intriguing details of the interactions between colors draw one into an intimate distance to explore. To me, it is important that the images in this series impact the viewer both from across the room as well as under very close inspection.

(Sept 2005)

Bonne Terre
Manmade Mantis
Water Store, Water Free