Zee's Einstein Gravity in a Nutshell - Official Errata

Quantum Theory in a Nutshell zee

Professor A. Zee asked if I could host a webpage for his errata and clarifications for his book "Einstein Gravity in a Nutshell." ISBN 978-0691145587

Please send any comments to: zee at kitp.ucsb.edu


Problem III.1.1: Remove the words "head-on" from the problem. (thanks to Landon Lehman)

page 493: Sign errors before (15). T=-\rho+3P, and hence a relative + sign between the two terms in S_\mu\nu. (thanks to Steve Meek)

Page 601: the last term in equation (12) should have a positive sign before it. This makes it cancel with the last term in equation (13) below it, upon addition. (thanks to Vivek Saxena)



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