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November 2011 Newsletter

Brad Carlile new work from Tempus Incognitus
Brad Carlile
Tempus Incognitus

Brad Carlile in Ireland
"Think Edward Hopper interiors awash in James Turrell colors with David Lynch directing."

The blog "Portland Architecture" Interviewed me about my show - "To invite a narrative": Brad Carlile discusses photographing hotel rooms around the world".

The Houston Chronicle published an interview (June 9 print edition) about my solo show at the De Santos Gallery (Houston). Half of this show was sold.

The Photo Review:
I've just heard, my work will be included in the 2011 The Photo Review juried by Robert Mann.

Indie Book LIbrary:
My self-pulished book joins the collection of the Indie Book Library.

Life in NYC & PDX:
I live in both Portland Oregon & New York City. Contact info at:

My new QR code:
QR codes are quick ways for smartphones access websites. Most QRs are boring! I've created the one below for my website.
Brad's innovative QR code

Execellent Press
My solo show at The Independent this summer received two wonderful critical reviews from both of Portland's leading papers.

"Brad Carlile: Confronting the myth of the great American road" (review): In Tempus Incognitus, photographer Brad Carlile’s striking exhibition at The Independent, the artist conjures a psychedelic nightmare of corporate hotels across the country....

...He keeps his camera on a tripod and exposes film throughout the day, which yields fantastical effects, superimposing wildly varying lighting conditions onto the same frame. As the hues overlap, they produce acidic lime greens and chartreuses, fuchsias and ruby reds in wholly unnatural combinations as light emanates from lamps and television screens and bounces off mirrors and windows... (full review)
--Richard Speer, Willamette Week, 7/13/11: p43.

The Oregonian's wonderful review of the show (Portland's leading daily):

"Brad Carlile at the Independent -- lost in space-time" (review): While the chromatic intensity throughout "Tempus Incognitus" would suggest the use of filters or digital manipulation, Carlile is an old-school photographer, using only the camera to yield deep, feverish colors. For each long-exposure shot in the series, he set up his camera in a fixed spot, then opened the aperture at different times of day, sometimes over the course of several days. Rather than capture light streaming through the window during daylight or the glow of a lamp at night, the rooms radiate all these light sources simultaneously... (full review)
--John Motley, The Oregonian, 8/5/11: px.

The Portland Tribune also recommended the show: The Short List

Brad Carlile's Tempus Incognitus in Houston

"...I was far away from home, haunted and tired with travel, in a cheap hotel room I'd never seen,..."
- Jack Kerouac, On the Road

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