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FotoFest is a truly wonderful event that allows photographers to show their photography to curators. I’ve been very success in getting work shown directly due to meeting great curators at FotoFest.

Brad Carlile (Portland, Oregon)
2012 Meeting Place


Tempus Incognitus will be exhibited at Encuentros Abiertos Festival de la Luz, Argentina
August 1, 2014 – September 30, 2014.

Tempus Incognitus series, slide show night at the Annenberg Space for Photography, Los Angeles.

Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts, Wilmington, Delaware


Review of Tempus Incognitus in Delaware, “Good Reason for a short trip to Delaware,” Philadelphia Equirer, Edith Newhall, 29-July 2012.

Portfolio, SPE Exposure, Society of Photographic Education Journal (upcoming)

The extraordinary international show Archisle “Interior/Exterior” opens this month on island of Jersey.  Interior/Exterior explores the border between the interior, a place of habitation, and the landscape beyond. ‘Places we live in and places we live by,’ material and mythical geographies.  My work from Tempus Incognitus will be part of this show.

The opening at the Berni Gallery at the Jersey Arts Centre will have Deputy Rod Bryans Assistant Minister States of Jersey officially opening and presenting £3800 of awards.

The jurors for this international show are Gareth Syvret (Archisle), Michelle Sank (photographer), and Jean-Christophe Godet (Director, Guernsey Photography Festival).

Many of you may know Michelle Sank as the photographer represented by Clampart Gallery (Chelsea, New York City).  Michelle is also the first international photographer in Archisle Residence Program.

Société Jersiaise
Berni Gallery Jersey Arts Centre
7 Pier Road
St Helier
Tel. +1534 758314
Thursday November 21, 2013
Opening 5:30 to 8PM

Archisle Interior Exterior International Show Island of Jersey

Archisle Interior Exterior International Show Island of Jersey

‘The Société Jersiaise was founded in 1873 to research and study the historical landscape, culture and biodiversity of the Island of Jersey for the benefit of the people of the Island, a role it continues to fulfill today nearly 150 years after its inception.’

‘Archisle: The Jersey Contemporary Photography Programme aims to promote contemporary photography through an ongoing programme of exhibitions, education and commissions.’

La Fototeca Logo

La Fototeca

La Fototeca has blogged about my work in Spanish & English with a selection of my work.  You can read the full blog here:

Here are just a few excerpts:

Brad nos reta.

Brad challenges us.

Después de todo, a través de sus imágenes, estás viendo el tiempo pasar transformado en color. ¿Cada cuánto esto pasa en tus días?

After all, through his images, you are seeing time pass and transformed in color. How often does that happen in your days?

My work appears in the “Geográfica” show at Fototropía opening May 31st!
Visita la inauguración de “Geográfica” este 31 de mayo, en Fototropía, para ver el trabajo de Brad junto a otros 32 fotógrafos de 12 países.
Visit the opening of “Geográfica” next May 31, at Fototropía, to see Brad’s work together with other 32 photographers from over 12 countries.

My many thanks to Mauricio González and everyone else at La Fototeca who have been wonderful to work with on art photography!

Check this out, Google actually mapped the interior of my art photography show at De Santos Gallery in Houston. I’ve included this new 360degree “installation shot” to my main page.  Just scroll down to the installation show on the main page, then do the normal Google maps buttons…

Currently I only have the 360degree map for laptops and tablets, I disabled it for iPhone for now.

Let me know how it works and what you think!

Below is a jpeg that links to my website (scroll to near bottom of main page)…

Brad Carlile Installation with Google 360 degree interior map snapshot

Brad Carlile Installation with Google 360 degree interior map snapshot

This was a successful show, selling have the work and getting an interview published in the print & online version of the Houston Chronicle: “Photographer Brad Carlile sheds new light on hotel rooms“, print interview, Houston Chronicle June 9, 2010.

The Indie Photobook Library show my book “Tempus Incognitus” as part of the PPAC Book Fair.

Philadelphia Photo Arts Center (PPAC) 4th Annual Book Fair
1400 N. American Street #103
Philadelphia, PA 19122
May 18th, 2013
*Free and open to the public

Books: Selected from the permanent collection of the Indie Photobook Library by MICA photo students Emily Mason, Cameron Vaughan, and Brandon Eddy, these photobooks focus on zines, the curated group photobook, a look into interior mundane life, and the altered image.

Brad Carlile at The Philadelphia Photo Arts Center (PPAC) Book Fair - iPL (indie Photobook Library)

Brad Carlile at The Philadelphia Photo Arts Center (PPAC) Book Fair – iPL (indie Photobook Library)

As a result of showing my work to JJ Estrada Toledo at Photolucida, he asked me to be part of a group show in Guatemala City. The show is “GeoGráfica” which will be held in the Fototropía of La Fototeca. The show opens on 29th May with my 30″x40″ images. For those on facebook,

La FotoTeca Logo - Guatemala City

La FotoTeca – Guatemala City

My updated resume at:  I’m also working on many other very exciting opportunities that came out of the Photolucida portfolio review.

My attempt to translate the “GeoGráfica” show’s statement:

“What? Who? Where are we?”

Photography is something that is constantly responding and in turn questioning.
The need to interpret our environment through the graphic language gives shape and meaning to a new visual language that is common, global.
This group exhibition explores the image beyond the photographic impulse, beyond the accuracy the surface is recorded on. And in an attempt to have control, and leaves a trail of images that manifest our existence.

The 2013 Photolucida portfolio review is around the corner.  This fully book portfolio review is one the premier reviews in the world.  It happens every two years in Portland Oregon.

I’ve seen a list of the reviews at the Photolucida website, but it didn’t contain the links to the organizations so I created one here for my fellow photographers.  It is important for photographers to fully understand who they will be showing work to and how their work fits into the context of other work shown and/or published by the organization.

NAME Organization URL Location
Alexa Becker  Kehrer Verlag Publishers 
Aline Smithson  Lenscratch
Ann Jastrab  Rayko Photo Center  San Francisco, CA
Ann Pallesen  Photographic Center Northwest Seattle, WA
Anna Alexander  Dwell Magazine 
Barbara Tannenbaum  Cleveland Art Museum Cleveland, OH
Bevin Bering Dubrowski  Houston Center for Photography Houston, TX
Bill Kouwenhoven  Hotshoe Magazine Berlin, Germany & NY
Blue Mitchell  Diffusion Magazine Portland, OR
Blue Sky Exhibition Committee  Blue Sky Gallery Portland, OR
Brooks Jenson  Lenswork Publishing  Anacortes, WA
Carol McCusker  Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art Gainesville, FL
Carrie Levy  Wired Magazine
Chantel Paul  Museum of Photographic Arts San Diego CA
Charles Guice  Charles Guice Contemporary NY
Christopher Gianunzio  Philadelphia Photo Arts Center Philadelphia, PA
Claire O’Neill  National Public Radio
Claire Sykes & Susana Reisman  Circuit Gallery Toranto, Canada
Conor Risch  Photo District News  NY
Crista Dix  wall space gallery Santa Barbara, CA & Seattle, WA
David Bram  Fraction Magazine 
Dewi Lewis  Dewi Lewis Publishing  Stockport, England
Diana Millar  Luz Gallery Victoria, Canada
Elisabeth Biondi  Independent Curator
Elizabeth Avedon  Le Journal de la Photographie  Paris, France
Eugénie Frerichs  Weiden Kennedy Portland, OR
Gail Gibson  Gail Gibson Gallery  Seattle, WA
George Slade  Independent Curator Minneapolis, MN
Gordon Stettinius  Candela Books + Gallery Richmond, VA
Hamidah Glasgow  Center for Fine Art Photography  Fort Collins, CO
Hannah Frieser  Light Work Syracuse, NY
Harris Fogel  Mednick Gallery and Gallery 1401  Philadelphia, PA
Jacqueline Bates  W Magazine NY
Jan Potts & Elizabeth Cordon  Cordon/Potts Gallery San Francisco, CA
Jennifer Schwartz  Jennifer Schwartz Gallery Atlanta, GA
Jessica Johnson  George Eastman House Rochester, NY
JJ Estrada & Clara de Tezanos  La Fototeca/GuatePhoto Guatemala City, Guatemala
John Jenkins  Decode Books  Seattle, WA
Kathleen Klech  Condé Nast Traveler
Kevin Miller  Southeast Museum of Photography Daytona Beach, FL
Kirsten Rian  Independent Curator Portland, OR
Lisa Berry & Mia Dalgish  Pictura Gallery Bloomington, IN
Mary Virginia Swanson  M.V. Swanson & Associates  Tucson, AZ
Melanie McWhorter  Photoeye Books
Michael Granger  LightBox Photographic Astoria, OR
Michelle Dunn Marsh  Independent Editor
Myles Hasselhorst  Ampersand Gallery Portland, OR
Patricia Lanza & Lesley Meyer  Annenberg Space for Photography www.annenbergspace Los Angeles, CA
Paula Tognarelli  Griffin Museum of Photography Winchester MA
Peter Johnson  Captured Global Portland, OR
Phil Toledano  Photographer 
Pieter Wisse  500 Photographers Rotterdam, NL
Roy Flukinger  Harry Ransom Center Austin, TX
Stacey McCarol Cutshaw  SPE’s Exposure Journal 
Taj Forer  Daylight Magazine NY
Tricia Hoffman & Chris Bennett  Newspace Center for Photography Portland, OR
Walter Mason  Haggerty Museum of Art Milwaukee Wi
WM Hunt  Collection Dancing Bear NY
Yan Li & Huo Wei  Beijing High Noon Culture &  People’s Photography Beijing, China

If you have any corrections, please let me know. Also if there is other info you’d like to see and I can help, let me know. (Note: I am not connected with the Photolucida organization, I’m a photographer who gets reviewed)

I just got off the waiting list so I’m getting everything ready now.  If any of my friends from past portfolio reviews are coming this year, drop me a line so we can catch up  during the review!

I created my new photography website ( a responsive web design. Now my images and information can be easily viewed on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and large computers in a way that is best for each device.

Responsive web design is used to allow websites to adapt web pages to the layout to the device he or she is using. On my website the content also changes for each device.

Check out my new beautiful responsive website layout below for inspiration in your own responsive web design projects.

Desktop (widescreen)

Computer - Responsive Design

Computer – Responsive Design

Notice how the background changes for the smaller screens, this should make them easier to see. Also the smaller screens are designed to be easy to scroll with your fingers.

iPad (tablet) & Mobile (portrait)

iPhone & iPad screenshots - Responsive Design

iPhone & iPad screenshots – Responsive Design


Details of some of the website changes:

  • Menu appears at the top for computers and laptops
  • Menu is at the bottom for iPhones so images don’t get crowded out by menu
  • Menu show same images of the portfolios
  • Computers with more room have an additional story about “Letting Go”
  • There is a tooltip that shows you hidden information about my images, hint look for the blue circle with an “i” in it
  • A few form for easily signing up for my newsletter
  • Short & long resume, depending on how much info you want

Details html5 and css3 for web designer:

  • Based on a fluid grid, with screen-size dependent content
  • fixed position css for main image
  • Multi-level nav menu with images, mostly css based
  • jquery tools tooltip
  • form for newsletter signup

Check it out at: and let me know what you think! thanks!

I created a handy page for Oregon ski resorts containing links to all of the ski reports, 24 hour telemetry, forecasts at the resort base, forecast mid mountain, and important road cams.

Check it out at:

Brad's iPhone Ski resort links, telemetry and weather forecasts

Brad’s iPhone Ski resort links

An East Village Chronology

5R an East Village Chronology

5R an East Village Chronology

Bed Bugs;
Building Fire;
Hurricane Sandy;

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