My first series: Refracted Movement

In my completed series "Refracted Movement," I use multiple exposures in a unique way that will capture stationary objects in "true color" and moving objects in vivid colors. All images are created on-film and in-camera with no digital creation. Then they are developed normally and printed without digital manipulation.

The images are also meant to challenge the one to contemplate change, perception, and the larger topic of impermanence. The intent of these images is to create a deeper sensitivity to both space and time. I want to take people outside of their immediate situation and challenge their preconceptions -- to become open to new and different interpretations.

In the technique I am using, images become interesting as movement is introduced. This movement may occur in the form of an instantaneous splash of water, the day-long progression of the sun, or the shift of the camera's perspective. To create a single image the composition process may span minutes, hours or days.

The images to created to be intriguing at many scales whether viewing the details up close or stepping back to view the whole.