Acquiring Work & Adding to your Collection

Limited Edition

64"x40" Day Amalgam Print
Wolfgang Mauer of Galerie Maurer with 40x64" image from Day Amalgam series
All images are only being released as signed editions limited to 15 prints regardless of size ordered.

The first ten prints are available in sizes that are approximately 18"x24", 30"x40", or 40"x60" and use FujiFlex Crystal Archive. Prints numbered 11 to 15 are only available in 30"x40" or "40"x64" size (these will be noted in the portfolio pages).

Archival Quality

I am always concerned about the quality of the images and the archival nature of every process I use. At this time the only two materials that meet my standards for prints are FujiFlex Crystal Archive and Perma-Stable Chrome on aluminum.

The superlative permanence of FujiFlex is due to its environmentally resistant light-fast dyes and its extremely durable polyester base. Testing indicates a 60 year display life which is over twice as long as the 25 year display life of previous archival prints. Perma-stable Chrome on Aluminum has an even long display life.

Prices and Dimensions

Image Size Print Only
FujiFlex Archive
Perma-stable Chrome
Mounted on
46cm x 61cm
$1000 $1500
76cm x 101cm
$1200 $2200
101cm x 162cm
$1800 $5800

Note: "Day Amalgam 5" is now at the end of its edition, please contact for more information.

Mounted on Aluminum: Large prints are mounted to aluminum, which gives the effect that the print alone is floating when hung. Because the aluminum is so thin (1.65mm), it almost disappears. The artist's signature is affixed to the back of the aluminum mount. 100% acid-free adhesive is used to mount the print on aluminum. A wood brace on the back of the mount which comes with a cleat for mounting to the wall to float images off the wall.


Please send an email to with the name of the photograph, size desired, and specify print-only or framed. I will contact you to arrange payment and shipping.

Shipping: I will quickly ship prints that are on hand. Time is involved in creating quality prints from the original transparencies as skill is involved and quality is important. Email for deliver time of a specific print. Rush orders are possible but there is a service charge percentage that will be added to the the order amount. The shipping used will be by the best carrier available. A physical address is required. Please, no PO boxes.

Payment Acceptance: Currently we accept mailed check or Postal Money Orders. All payments must be made in US funds.

Cleaning your Images (Perma-stable Chrome prints ONLY)

If you have Perma-stable chrome prints cleaning the artwork is very easy (note this does NOT apply to my earlier prints mounted on aluminum or to FujiFlex Crystal archive paper - contact me directly if you own work on those materials). Please email me if you are not certain about which material was used for your image!
  • Perma-stable Chrom is easy to clean - use glass cleaner or even water.
  • It is very scratch resistant.
Details at:
The Perma-stable Chrome (also called ProFineArt Metal prints) solve all of these problems. Higher gloss surface than FujiFlex, and a surface that doesn't etch from fingerprints is hard to scratch and perfectly flat. It's also easy to clean the surface of dust, dirt, or fingerprints. Use any standard glass cleaner or even water. The photographic image is not mounted on aluminum. The image is fused into the top coating on the .045 aluminum. The black of the image is denser than any photo or art paper thus the color saturation is higher.
FujiFlex is a high-quality archival printing material for producing vivid color super glossy color enlargements. FujiFlex is designed for natural well-balanced tonal reproduction, clear highlights, increased contrast, and great shadow detail. It allows an abundance of detailed reds, natural greens, and especially vivid yellows. FujiFlex has excellent smoothness and flatness which produces prints with superb gloss and great clarity.


Any questions please email

Recommended Illumination: Solux Lamps

To provide the best illumination to view your fine art photograph collection we recommend using SoLux™ lamps.

SoLux is a patented low voltage light source that emits a beam very close to natural daylight. These bulbs provide optimal color rendering for the viewing fine art. Another critical quality is that these lamps have ultra-lowultraviolet and infrared radiation which will protect your archival photograghs.

Solux lamps are used at the National Gallery of Art and the Los Angeles County Museum Of Art to Light 70 Masterpieces by Van Gogh.

One source of 12 volt MR16 Solux lamps for viewing these works is . Lamps listed on this site that are below 50 watts use the standard low-voltage two pin base (GU5.3). These lamps typically are priced $4 to $6 per bulb and have a life of 3000 hours.

note: Brad Carlile has no connection with Solux lamps or any distributor, except being a happy customer.